• on April 10, 2017

Before Crucifixion

 Everybody should prayerfully meditate upon the Passion Week Events. Abib or Nisan is the first month of the Jews or the Israelites. Abib 9 (Sunday)—JESUS’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. Abib 10—Cursing the Fig Tree to Teach Lessons to the Jews about Their Outward Show and Fruitlessness (Cursedness) in Their Lives and to HIS Disciples about Belief in GOD. Cleansing the Temple. The Unblemished LAMB of GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST Appeared in the Temple (Exodus 12:2-14). Abib 11—Fig Tree Withered. Disciples Astonished. JESUS Replied to the Crafty Questions. End-Time Signs Foretold. Abib 12—JESUS Anointed. Conspiracy of Judas. Abib 13—JESUS Established the LORD’s Supper (Holy Communion). Passion in the Garden of Gethsemane. Betrayal by Judas and Arrest. JESUS faced Annas, Caiphas and the Sanhedrin. Peter Denied JESUS and Wept. Abib 14 (Passover Friday)—JESUS faced Pilate. Faced Herod. Greatly Ridiculed and Mocked. Again faced Pilate. Greatly Mocked and Scourged and Sentenced to Death. Died on the Cross at Calvary. Finished All HIS Work. Buried in Joseph’s New Sepulchre (Tomb). Abib 15 ( Sabbath Saturday)—JESUS Rested from All HIS Work (Genesis 2:1-3). Fight Against Death and Grave. Abib 16 (Easter Sunday)—JESUS Won the Death and the Grave. Rose From the Dead. Appeared to Mary Magdalene and HIS Two Disciples.


–   Sadhu. C. Selva Raj (Appa)

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