Beginning Pentecostal Truth Church

Adhi Penthecosthe Sathya Sabhai

Greetings! Our Church has been established as the continuing Church of the First century Christian Church for these last days for the glorious works of the LORD. Like the ministers of the first century Christian Church, the ministers of our Church are also sages. The basic doctrines of our Church consist of repentance from sins, forgiveness of sins, salvation from sins, divine conversion, regeneration, holiness, holy life, spiritual growth, baptism by full immersion in water in the name of FATHER and of the SON and of the HOLY SPIRIT, sanctification, anointment by HOLY SPIRIT, divine healing, the LORD’S supper, dedication of children to GOD, marriage according to the law of the HOLY BIBLE, the LORD’S ministry etc.,

The oil which is prayed and given by the ministers of the LORD works as a glorious and divine medicine of heaven.

Mark 6:13 & James 5:14

We, the workers of our Church are praying for the salvation of the whole world. Waiting prayers, fasting prayers, awakening prayers and intercessory prayers are being conducted for the welfare of the sick and for the welfare of the public and for the welfare of the whole world.

Sadhu G. Devanesan (Aiya)

Founder of the Adhi Penthecosthe Sathya Sabhai (Beginning Pentecostal Truth Church)

Sadhu. G. Devanesan (Aiya) — our most beloved Spiritual Father, the one who had been ordained and appointed by CHRIST in the place of CHRIST, was the First apostle (the head of all other apostles) of the twentieth century.

Through Sadhu G. Devanesan (Aiya), our GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST raised and established HIS glorious Church, Adhi Penthecosthe Sathya Sabhai (Beginning Pentecostal Truth Church), for the benefit of the whole world, for these last days, at Malavilai, in India, Tamil Nadu, Kanniyakumari District. The LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST glorified HIS most holy name through him by performing great wonders, healed the sick and illness and casted out devils/demons from many people.

Sadhu C. Selva Raj (Appa)

Our beloved Spiritual Father who led the LORD's Church for nearly 35 years

Sadhu C. Selva Raj (Appa) was born at Palliady and brought up at Kumarankudy,  Kanniyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India, in a Christian family which was Christian in name alone. He was brought up by his parents affectionately. He was living as a nominal Christian, C.S.I. Christian — a Protestant Christian.

When he was in the second year of his MSc. Degree course in 1972 at Madras Christian College, Thambaram, Chennai, he had lost peace of mind and it was terrible and unbearable to him. Then he was touched and met by GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST. GOD touched him, met him, and forgave all his sins to obtain the great priceless salvation.

Sadhu Thomas M. Kurian (Appa)

Trustee & Administrator of Adhi Penthecosthe Sathya Sabhai (Beginning Pentecostal Truth Church)

Sadhu Thomas M. Kurian (Appa) was born in Thiruvattar, Kanniyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India, in a Christian family, which was Christian just by name, and went to a Mar Thoma Syrian Church.

During his school days, he came to know about Adhi Penthecosthe Sathya Sabhai (Beginning Pentecostal Truth Church) at Malavilai and started attending regularly. As he heard the sermons of Sadhu G. Devanesan (Aiya), he started believing in the Gospel. But, he had not gain any spiritual experience until one of his elder sisters, who was saved, baptized and joined the ministry in the LORD’s Church at Malavilai, slept in CHRIST. After the death of his elder sister, he desired to gain the spiritual experience in his life.